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Academy of Culinary Healing









Offered by Amy Hubbard of the Academy of Culinary Healing

Amy has completed her M.S. Clinical Nutrition program through the University of Bridgeport and will soon be a Certified Nutritionist Specialist, CNS in St. Louis, Missouri. According to Missouri law, nutrition consultations from a nutritionist, licensed or not, must not be of a personal nature. The law prohibits nutritionists in Missouri from looking at any lab work you may have and suggesting personalized nutrition for your needs. The services listed below are services intended to guide you and your family to better health through exposing you to the biochemical needs of your body and how foods can hinder or contribute to your health and healing. Lab results are helpful guides as markers for your health and healing will be used as such when provided in your intake form below. The power to heal lies with you and it will always be up to you to ultimately determine what is right for you, however, I am honored to be a guide in your healing journey. We must trust our inner physicians, for they will never lead us astray. 







Working Together

Consultations are tailored to your own bio-individual needs, goals & lifestyle.




      Call to schedule your FREE 15min phone consultation.

In this brief consultation, we will have a chance to meet over the phone and establish a connection. When I   learn what your health goals are, I will be able to let you know if I have the tools to help you succeed and about how long we may expect to work together before achieving them. 


    Initial Consultation $325 (1.5 hours) 

A personal history and dietary recall are reviewed and an achievable plan of action for how to begin working toward your health goals, at your chosen pace is created. After the consultation, a personalized Wellness Plan is sent to you, including a food journal analysis including one-to-one food substitutions, recipes, resources and things you can begin working on as soon as you're ready.


    Bi-weekly consultations $200 per session (1 hour) 

We will celebrate successes, set new health goals, identify resources, problem solve and answer any questions you may have. An updated Wellness Plan will be emailed to you at the end of each visit.















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