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Academy of Culinary Healing


Hi, I'm Amy.

Thank you visiting the Academy of Culinary Healing. I created the Academy with the intention to educate and support those on their healing journey through consultations and nutrition and cooking classes. I set out to create the change I longed to see in the world and be the support I wished for in the beginning stages of my journey to health.


I have an M.S. in Human Nutrition and by summer 2017 will have my Certified Nutrition Specialist, CNS certification after completing my final internship hours with Dr. Amy Davis of Crossing Back to Health, in St. Louis and CNS exam.


Like many people in the healing arts, I found myself sick and tired of being sick. I sought out many strategies for regaining my health and out of all the "treatments" I tried, I found true healing through food. I brought myself back to health by restoring my body ecology through food. I became so inspired by what I learned through my journey that I knew my purpose from that point on, was to help others in their journey to health. I educate individuals and families on how to heal, using food as medicine, while learning to listen to and trust their inner physician. 

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